Bianca's atelier boutique

Bianca D’Aniello opens her small atelier boutique in Brera, Milan, in a very evocative corner of the city. The boutique is small but elegant, where her creations, both carryovers and the unique, exclusive pieces, find their perfect setting. Moreover, you can find products used for photo shoots and fashion shows, on sale at special prices.

With her creations, Bianca D’aniello offers a new way of conceiving the idea of jewel. As a simple decorative ornament it becomes an original and precious way of expressing and communicating beauty. As Bianca quotes” rather than pure jewels, my creations can be defined as unique accessories that can add personality to any look”.

Bibijoux bracelets, necklaces, earrings and accessories merge into a unique refined combination of colorful gipsy-chic look and a rather sophisticated glamour-rock style that never goes unnoticed.